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Education and Development

In an effort to support organizations in evolution Leigh has developed a curriculum of working sessions that we believe will provide managers and employees with the necessary skills to thrive in the uncertainty and complexity characterizing the current organizational environment.

More than merely managing change it has become necessary to Manage Surprise.

This series of working sessions was designed as a curriculum entitled TOOLS FOR THE THINKING ORGANIZATION. While designed as a curriculum, each session can be delivered as a stand-alone working session.

These working sessions present the most recent and cutting-edge thinking in each subject area.


arow  The Evolution Of Management: A New Strategy for a New Environment
The main themes of this working session include:
* Managing Surprise
* Developing The Thinking Worker
* Creating the Thinking Organization

arow  The Leadership Agenda: The Art of Macro-Managing Change
The main themes of this working session include:
* A Contemporary Definition Of Leadership
* Leadership, Values and Ethics
* Leadership and Motivation
* The Core Competences of Leadership

arow  Enabling the Intellectual Asset: A Team Strategy for Productivity
The main themes of this working session include:
* Distinguishing Team Spirit from Team Work
* Understanding Team Work
* Characteristics of Effective Teams
* Critical Thinking Skills for Teams
* Assessing Your Team Process

arow  Motivation and Productivity: Why We Do What We Do
The main themes of this working session include:
* The Essence of Motivation
* Lessons from Behavioral Psychology
* The Secret of Earning and Making a Living
* Creating Community: The Key to Macro-Motivating

arow  Critical Thinking and Effective Argumentation: The Skills for Working
    with Knowledge
* Why Critical Thinking Skills
* Analyzing Information
* On Becoming the Devil's Advocate
* Understanding the Scientific Method of Inquiry

arow  Healthy Organizations: Employee Wellness and Due Diligence
The main themes of this working session include:
* Defining The Healthy Organization
* The Importance of Due Diligence
* Principles of a Healthy Organization
* Key Indicators of a Healthy organization
* An Action Plan for Developing a Healthy Organization at The Local Level

arow  An Effective Intervention for Managing Stress: A Strategy For
    Employee Wellness
The main themes of this working session include:
* Understanding Stress, Strain, and Stress Related Dysfunction
* Understanding the Symptoms of Stress Related Dysfunction
* Developing a Three Point, Personal Intervention Strategy
* Developing a Process For Self-Monitoring

arow  Client Service: An Issue of Corporate Culture
The main themes of this working session include:
* The Importance of Customer Service
* Developing Service Standards
* Ensuring Sustainable Customer Service
* The Service Agent as Organizational Change Agent
* Organizational Change and Customer Service