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Bullies, Bullying and Developing Respectful Workplaces.

arow  Towards a Respectful Workplace: Understanding Psychological        Harassment and Bullying.
Good function in our organizations is characterized by the integration of the best intellectual capacity possible and that integration can only occur in the context of a comfortable and trusting working relationships. The central objective of this one day working session is to move the organization towards a more respectful workplace, one in which all employees are fully engaged. The greatest challenge to this evolution in corporate culture may be in understanding and eliminating psychological harassment and bullying. This working session will focus on defining and determining strategies for eliminating psychological harassment and bullying. This will included strategies for individuals being targeted by bullies, strategies for bystanders who observe bullying, and strategies for managers who want ensure the sustainable organizational development required to move towards a respectful workplace.

arow  Workplace Audit and Conciliation.
Responding expeditiously and effectively to allegations of breaches in respectful workplace policies is the essence of a committed effort to developing a respectful workplace. As such when allegations of bullying or psychological harassment arise it is critical to undertake a non-partisan, objective and balanced investigation, exploration or as Dr. Leigh would say, audit of the allegation. This audit is premised on a series of interviews beginning with the complainant and the alleged perpetrator as well as others who may have witnessed or been implicated in the situation. Dr. Leigh is recognized for his capacity to work in these sometimes challenging situations to bring them to a fair, balanced and well received resolution.

arow  Coaching For Bullies.
Containing bullying behavior immediately and completely is a critical element of managing this inappropriate behavior in our organizations. However, to ensure that our efforts in managing bullying behavior are not only successful but sustained, it is critical to see that perpetrators have the opportunity to grow and develop more appropriate strategies for interacting with their colleagues. Providing effective coaching for these individuals is required to ensure sustainable changes in behavior and provide them the opportunity to remain in their organization as effective employees. This series of private coaching sessions with Dr. Leigh focuses on sustainable changes in awareness and behavior.